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Die kleine Benimmschule
"The Little School of Behaviour"

The film is divided into eight chapters, which can also be played individually. Each chapter contains a positive and a negative version. Good and bad behaviour can be directly compared with one another during lessons.

1 At Home
Negative Version:

Max, a twelve-year-old boy, sleepily fumbles around for his alarm clock and turns it off. Only when his mother takes away the TV, which has seemingly been on all night, does he get up, start to get dressed and pack his school things.

The doorbell rings. Max's mother opens the door. Without saying hello, Julia, one of Max's school friends, storms inside with dirty shoes. Immediately she is sent back outside.

Max is in the kitchen. His mother tells him off for dunking bread in the jam jar. Max demands that she give his TV back. Angrily, Max leaves the house and drags Julia, who is waiting outside the front door, along with him.

Positive Version:

Max's mother enters his room and greets him nicely. Max is already awake, sitting up in bed and rubbing his eyes. He gets up, wanders into the bathroom, where he spends a lot of time perfecting his hair. He then gets dressed and packs up his school things.

Julia enters the kitchen and politely greets Max's mother, who then asks her if she would like to have some breakfast.

Max appears and the two children start to eat. Max's mother says goodbye to the children outside the house. Julia thanks her for the tasty breakfast.

2 On the Way to School
Negative Version:

Max and Julia collect acorns and pelt them at Mrs Meier, who is walking ahead of them. She turns to look at them and is hit by an oncoming bicycle. Her shopping falls to the ground. Max steals an apple from her and runs away. Mrs Meier angrily chases him, catches him and threatens to tell his parents.

Positive Version:

Max and Julia are walking behind Mrs Meier who is hit by an oncoming bicycle causing her to drop her shopping. The children help her to pick up her things and she gives them a bag of sweets to say thank you.

3 On the Bus
Negative Version:

The children are sitting on the bus and start accosting an elderly woman. A heavily pregnant woman gets on the packed bus. Neither Max nor Julia offer her their seats, but instead they make fun of her. The elderly woman gives up her seat for the pregnant lady and reprimands Max and Julia.

Positive Version:

Max and Julia are sitting on the bus. A heavily pregnant woman gets on. Julia immediately gets up and offers the lady her seat.

4 Outside the School
Negative Version:

An older boy is standing in front of the school entrance. Max chats with him and demands a cigarette, which he eventually gets. He decides to smoke it later.

Positive Version:

In front of the school entrance, an older student offers Max a cigarette. He politely declines and rushes into school.

5 In the Classroom
Negative Version:

Julia is walking along the corridor, closely followed by her teacher, Mr Vogel. Julia squeezes herself through the classroom door, without paying any attention to her teacher behind her. The door shuts in his face.

Inside the classroom, it's chaotic. After much difficulty, the children quieten down. Julia's mobile phone suddenly rings. The teacher tells her off and takes her phone away from her. Once Mr Vogel finally tries to begin the lesson, Max enters the classroom. Without saying anything or apologising for his lateness, he goes to his place.

The teacher gives Max a warning and asks him to read out his homework. It turns out that Max has forgotten his homework.

Positive Version:

Julia is walking along the corridor, closely followed by her teacher. She holds the classroom door open for him. As Mr Vogel enters the classroom, quiet ensues.

Max enters the classroom shortly after. He apologises for his lateness using a made-up excuse. After questioning from the teacher, Max admits that he had met a friend outside the school.

6 During Breaktime
Negative Version:

At the end of the lesson, the children leave the classroom – amongst them is Max who carelessly shoves Julia.

In the playground, Max demands his money back from Christian, to whom he had leant it. Christian can't pay it back immediately so Max takes his chocolate.

They begin to argue and end up fighting. Mr Vogel breaks it up and tells Max, his parents will be receiving a letter.

Positive Version:

In the playground, Max meets his friend Christian, who offers him a piece of chocolate. He happily helps himself and wanders over to Julia.

7 In the Canteen
Negative Version:

There's a long queue of students waiting for food in the canteen. Max skips the queue and takes another student's food. He then sits in someone else’s seat and starts throwing bread at Christian.

Positive Version:

Max asks a fellow classmate whether he can stand before her in the queue for food. Eventually she agrees. Max finds a free seat in the canteen. The boy next to him starts throwing bread at Christian. Max tells him off for being childish.

8 On the Way Home
Negative Version:

Max is smoking by the bushes. He sees Julia walk past and follows her. She accuses him of being mean. A verbal dispute ensues between the pair, which ends with Julia and Max walking home separately.

Positive Version:

Julia and Max are walking home. Julia complains about her problems with mathematics. Max offers to help her. They arrange to meet up to work together.

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