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Dear Teachers!

Welcome to the much-loved German educational film series, “Die kleine Benimmschule” (The Little School of Behaviour).

Following the great interest the film series has been met with in German-speaking countries, we are now entering into the world market. With German and English subtitles (British and American English) the films are an ideal aid for students learning German as a foreign language.

Film as a medium for foreign language learning is not only engaging and enjoyable but is also one of the best ways to attune one's ear to the sounds of the target language. High German is spoken by the actors in these films making the language more easily understandable for a foreign audience.

But it is not only the foreign language aspect of these films that could help enhance your school's curriculum; the films cover a wide range of important social issues concerning young people today and are therefore, a suitable supplement to the PSHE curriculum, now compulsory in British schools.

The films are an answer to the growing concern over the behaviour of young people today. Each film is divided into chapters, for which both a positive and negative version is portrayed so that good and bad behaviour can be directly compared. The films encourage young people to be polite, courteous and well-mannered but do so in a light-hearted, relaxed manner.

“Die kleine Benimmschule” (The Little School of Behaviour) film series was created for children between the ages of eight and fifteen and with the help of subtitles, the level of the language is suitable for students at Key Stage 3. The films are primarily to be used and discussed during lessons but are also ideal for supply classes or use in project or culture weeks.

The team at Cinetop-Film wish you every success with the use of this film series in lessons!

Hannah McDowell
Customer service representative
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