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Max, a twelve-year-old schoolboy, goes through a typical school day along with his friend Julia who is the same age. This begins with getting up in the morning and ends with the two of them on their way home from school. The story is told in two versions.

In the negative version, both children find themselves in constant conflict with their surroundings due to their bad behaviour. Whether it's Max's stressed mother, who is completely overwhelmed by her son's bad temper or their schoolteacher Mr Vogel, who wants nothing more than to start his lesson on time for once. Julia and Max move from one problematic situation to the next.

The positive version of the film shows the children in the same everyday situations. Here however, the children display completely different behaviour from the day before. They are polite, open-minded and helpful. These qualities facilitate their dealings with others. Max and Julia are met with friendliness and intrigue.


Julia – Kathinka Fester
Max – Phillip Schlag
Mother – Iris Ruffner
Teacher – Dietmar Rüttiger
Christian – Finn Jedrysek
Mrs Meier – Sandra Anna Christen


Jakob Ebert
Andrea Geiselhart
Isabell Schmitt-Egner
Marc Schneider

Idea, Screenplay and Director
Michael Gautsch

We thank the following for their kind support:

Johann-Gottfried-Herder-Gymnasium/Berlin Lichtenberg
Freie Evangelische Schule/Berlin Prenzlauer Berg
Fritz Radio Berlin
Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe

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