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Dear Teachers!

Welcome to the film “The Little School of Behaviour 2”, which deals with new aspects of social behaviour at school. At this point we would like to thank those of you who have already ordered “The Little School of Behaviour 1” and are currently using it in lessons.

After the extraordinary positive response to “The Little School of Behaviour 1” we have made every effort to act on and include all the consequent suggestions and wishes made to us by schools.

As with part 1, part 2 was made in collaboration with, this time, eight Berlin schools. We have received interest in the film from people in rural areas, who wanted to know whether the film would also be suitable for them. Of course! Part 1 and part 2 portray behaviour common to all groups of students, so the film is therefore suitable to be shown in both urban and rural areas across the Western world.

Part 2 follows the same tried and tested concept established in part 1 - good and bad behaviour are directly contrasted, this time in six chapters. Part 2 does not replace part 1, in fact it delves deeper into the underlying reasons leading to some anti-social behaviours. Hereby, the onus is placed on the school children’s dealings with one another. Topics such as bullying and peer pressure can be seen throughout the chapters.

Suggestions from teachers for new topics they would like to see covered in such films also included correct behaviour from students in a museum. After some tricky negotiations we managed to receive a filming permit for the famous Pergamon Museum, in which we filmed with two school classes.

“The Little School of Behaviour 2” was created for schoolchildren between eight and twelve years old and is also suitable for use in school project weeks.

The team at Cinetop-Film wish you every success with the use of part 2 of this film series in lessons!

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