Twelve-year-old Chrissie feels the hardships of her family's social decline when her parents can't afford to pay for the school trip. Time is running out and Chrissie has to come up with something.

In the negative version of the story, “Money alone ...”, Chrissie will go to any length to make sure that no one from her class finds out that her father's company has gone bankrupt. When she finds the purse of the mother of one of her classmates, she hatches a plan to come up with the money herself. She lies, deceives and steals. At the end, she is found out and loses everything.

However, in the positive version, “Money costs …”, Chrissie is much more open about her problem. She becomes active - working, bargaining, selling and bartering. At the end, it's the solidarity of her schoolmates who make it possible for her to go on the school trip.


Chrissie - Leoni Kretzschmar
Clarissa - Dilara Bektas
Madeleine - Alessia Vivienne Graf
Dennis - Ingraban von Stolzmann
Ramona - Laura Merkel
Tommy - Can Kljucevsek
Teacher (Mrs Faller) - Ev-Katrin Weiß
Mother (Katja) - Renee Kloninger
Father (Steffan) - Benjamin Stoll
Tommy's Mother - Katharina Phillip
Neighbour - Beate Trinkner
Julie's Mother - Solveig Schirmer
Julie - Sofia Teichmüller
Reverend Roth - Jan Andres
Salesman - Daniel Wachowiak

... among others


Claudia Boysen
Michael Gautsch

Uwe Mann (BVK)
Jakob Ebert

Sebastian Lindenberger

Marc Bihlmaier

Costume and Make-up
Christin Weigt
Julia Oberender

Set Design
Peggy Hessel

Set Runner
Cindy Jung

Production Assistance
Aline Degendorfer

Assistant Director
Beate Trinkner

Idea und Production
Michael Gautsch

Claudia Boysen

We thank the following Berlin schools for their kind support:
• Barnin-Gymnasium
• Fritz-Reuter-Schule

A production by 8. Insel Filmproduktion and Michael Gautsch Filmproduktion
© 2009 by Michael Gautsch

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