Dear Teachers!

Welcome to the film “The Little School of Behaviour” and may we thank you for your continued avid interest in our educational film series.

In December 2009, shortly after its completion, part 4 received two German governmental awards: the film was given the rating “excellent” in a unanimous jury decision by the Deutschen Film- und Medienbewertung (German governmental organisation, awarding films with ratings of excellence) and the DVD was also chosen as “DVD of the Month”. We see this as a confirmation of our work until now and will make every effort to continue producing valuable educational films for teaching. A full script of the jury's decision can be found under the menu option “Awards”.

The main topic covered in part 4: correct handling of money. For many children, money has become something they take for granted and they think that it is their parents who must make sure they have enough of it. Cracks are, however, starting to appear in our affluent society. Real incomes are sinking, the poverty gap in Germany (and not only in Germany) is starting to gape and more and more children are being affected.

Chrissie, the twelve-year-old star of this film, finds herself in a tricky situation. The film shows realistic problems children could expect to face and shows alternative ways for children to cope with everyday life. Part 4 follows the same tried and tested concept established in parts 1 to 3 - good and bad behaviour are directly contrasted.

“The Little School of Behaviour 4” was created for schoolchildren between eight and thirteen years old and is also suitable for use in school project weeks.

The team at the Educational Film Distribution wish you every success with the use of part 4 of this film series in lessons!

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