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Dear Teachers!

Welcome to the film “The Little School of Behaviour 3” and may we thank you for your continued avid interest in our educational film series. Again we have been able to implement and use many of the suggestions and wishes made to us by schools. So, this time the following questions take centre stage: How should I conduct myself during public occasions? How should I behave at the dinner table? How do I take on responsibility at school? How should I act with my first girlfriend/boyfriend? How late am I allowed to stay out at night? What do I have to think about when having sexual intercourse for the first time? How do I discuss these issues with my parents?

Part 3 follows the same tried and tested concept established in parts 1 and 2 - good and bad behaviour are directly contrasted, this time in eight chapters. Once again, social behaviour is the central theme. Since, in our opinion, good behaviour results primarily from social behaviour.

The first two episodes of “The Little School of Behaviour” are met with interest not only across Germany but also internationally. Edgar Kohler, headteacher of the Regionalschule Lenzburg in Switzerland, wrote the following in a newsletter to parents:

“We make every effort in our school to promote mutual respect and social education (class rules, class and student councils). Unfortunately, however, the power of the media is often greater than our influence. Despite this, it is essential that we don't give up but instead take a closer look and set limits for children and young people. In many classes we are currently showing video sequences, in order for students to question the behaviour shown and to appeal for correct conduct - for example that one should not spit on the floor (a common bad habit). The videos titled, “The Little School of Behaviour” were filmed in Berlin and are also an answer to the unacceptable behaviours in some German schools.” *

We are delighted that our film series is able to make such a contribution to school education and hope to see many more schools using “The Little School of Behaviour” for teaching.

“The Little School of Behaviour 3” was created for schoolchildren between eleven and fifteen years old and is also suitable for use in school project weeks.

The team at Cinetop-Film wish you every success with the use of part 3 of this film series in lessons!

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